Best Prepaid Travel Cards In India

Gone are those days when you had to buy tickets or load your card for travelling by bus/metro/trains. With prepaid travel cards, you can commute through bus and metros or book tickets through IRCTC. These cards are convenient to use and offer other benefits as well. Not only they encourage faster payments, but also offer discounts on fares.

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Best Multi Wallet Prepaid Cards in India

Multi wallet prepaid cards are a one-stop shop for payment solutions for all corporates to make disbursement of allowances and other payments effectively and in a convenient manner. The Multi Wallet cards have a separate wallet for each type of allowance/ disbursement. This helps in easy account management and tracking of wallets which in turn enables corporates to improve productivity in the administration department.

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Best Single-Currency Forex Cards in India

Single-Currency Forex Card is a travel card, which can hold one currency at a time. However, you may have many options to load, which are different from card to card and bank to bank. Some banks allow you to carry more than one card if you are looking forward to visiting multiple countries. If you want to use your card for the payment in a currency other than loaded, then an applicable cross-currency mark-up fee will be levied.

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Best Corporate Prepaid Cards in India

The Corporate Prepaid Cards are the growing financial products in the cards segment. These cards are mainly partnership cards by banks with third party vendors like Zeta, Sodexo, Happay etc for the corporates with a customised program depending on the client’s needs. With a one-stop solution for the corporates to provide incentives, allowances and gifts to their employees, these cards combine the features of most of the categories of prepaid cards in the market.

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Best Prepaid Gift Cards in India

Presenting gifts on occasions has always been an intrinsic part of India’s culture. Earlier, it was given in the form of cash or kind. Gradually, gifting methods changed with time, and gift vouchers and gift cheques became popular. Vouchers and cheques allowed the receiver to purchase anything from a set of options and spend the money according to his needs and convenience.

However, they had their own limitations as well. While gift cheques were accepted at issuing bank branches (only), vouchers had limited acceptability. Prepaid Gift cards are a better option for gifting; when compared to gift vouchers or gift cheques.

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Best MultiCurrency Forex Cards in India

A Multicurrency Forex Card is a single card which allows you to load multiple currencies in your foreign travel. The number of currencies in a card may differ from the issuing Bank and you can decide on the number of currencies depending on your overseas trip.

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Best Prepaid Cards for Students in India

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Best Prepaid Cards for Meal Allowance in India

Prepaid Meal Cards are one of the easiest and most convenient ways of disbursing meal allowances to employees. No need to use the traditional paper-based vouchers for meal allowances. They are a thing of the past. With the increasing popularity of credit/debit/prepaid cards in India, it is essential for all corporates to incorporate cashless procedures and support the vision of digital India.  Continue reading “Best Prepaid Cards for Meal Allowance in India”

City Union Bank General Purpose Prepaid Card Review

Review Summary

City Union Bank General Purpose Prepaid Card is a prepaid card by City Union Bank, which can be used as a gift for special occasions. You can gift it to your employees as a reward, or you can gift it to your loved ones on special occasions. This card can be used in India for POS transactions, online transactions and cash withdrawal. You can load a maximum of Rs. 50,000 to this card.

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